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All software needs secrets to access other resources: encryption keys, API tokens, database passwords. SecretHub helps teams deploy those application secrets to any cloud with a secure, automatic and reproducible deployment process.

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A deployment workflow DevOps teams love with the features your business needs

Share faster

Instantly share secrets with only those team members that need them. No email, no chat and no Post-It notes required.

Development = Production

Freely collaborate on plaintext template files that inject secrets into systems. Deploy secrets with an automatic, consistent, and 100% reproducible deployment process. Save everyone time and put an end to the "it worked on my machine!" problems.

Encryption for everyone

Using the SecretHub CLI any developer read and write the secrets they need to do their job. No crypto knowledge is required whatsoever. Encryption, logging, and access controls are all built-in.

Works with your stack

Configure SecretHub to inject secrets into systems as files, fields in config files or environment variables. The secret delivery process is automated, but no software changes are necessary. Your application can stay the same.

Ship faster

By offering a secure centralized platform that can be standardized across applications, SecretHub simplifies and automates your software development lifecycle. This enables DevOps teams to get more work done, faster.

Stay secure

SecretHub ensures secrets are never shared in plaintext and each use is centrally logged. It breaks bad behavior and protects the business. Detailed audit logs ensure you can prove continuous compliance.

Respond effectively

SecretHub offers centralized access controls that help teams respond effectively when incidents happen. Quickly recover by immediately rotating secrets when people leave or a breach happens.

Break cloud vendor lock-in

SecretHub plays nice with others and can be used to deploy to any cloud. By being cloud agnostic, SecretHub ensures portability across all vendors giving your business the flexibility and freedom that it needs.

High availability

Because SecretHub is designed as an encrypted SaaS solution, your teams don't have to worry about high availability or maintenance. That's all built-in. SecretHub works 24/7 to keep your company secure.


Designed for developers

Our easy-to-use CLI and RESTful API let you spend more time coding and less time deploying application secrets.

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