Servers have secrets. You can protect them now

Use SecretHub to store, deploy and rotate your infrastructure secrets


You can forget about checking keys into Git, emailing passwords around and deploying tokens by hand.

SecretHub gives you a unified workflow to manage them all. Store, deploy, and rotate secrets with less hassle and more security


Store secrets safely

You get a client-side encrypted repository that you control. Store all the secrets, keys and tokens your team and your applications need. Selectively grant access and audit when and where your secrets are being used.

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Deploy secrets as code

Never again you’ll have to deploy a secret by hand or save them in plaintext. Deploy secrets as you would code, without exposing them. Define what secrets are needed where and let SecretHub handle the rest.

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Rotate when people leave

Incidents happen and people leave. When they do, you are guaranteed access is revoked. Protect your production and rotate secrets in minutes instead of hours.

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Audit the logs

Track down when and by whom a secret was accessed or modified throughout its lifetime. Stay compliant and prove it with detailed audit logging.

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Secure your servers today

Follow our quickstart guide and see how SecretHub can work for you.

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