Secure Any Application
in a Single Afternoon

Automate the provisioning of passwords and keys for your entire software delivery infrastructure

Secrethub Secret Management


Simple Secret Management

Say Goodbye to Plaintext Passwords

SecretHub is an automated password manager for machines and the people that operate them, removing the risks and limitations of placing passwords and keys in source code




Build applications that automatically provision themselves with the secrets they need.




Run infrastructure without ever seeing any secrets, but access them quickly during incident response.



Privileged Access

Protect access to secrets with encryption, access controls and audit logs.

End-to-End Encrypted Secret Storage

Safely store secrets knowing that we can never read their contents. Every secret is encrypted before it ever leaves your device. Only you and your team control the encryption keys.


Built for Developers

All you need is a few lines of configuration code to provision secrets on any OS, any Cloud and any machine - from local development, to CI/CD, to production.

Open source

All client code is fully open sourced and developed in the open. Pull requests are welcome!

SecretHub on GitHub →

Highly available service

SecretHub is hosted in 6 datacenters on 2 continents. Enjoy high availability, zero maintenance and multi-cloud straight out of the box.

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Why Customers Choose SecretHub

Whether it's processing email traffic or managing confidential patient records, customers choose SecretHub to secure their infrastructure. Here's why:

Docktor helping patient

Easy to implement

SecretHub is a lightweight addition to existing software, that provisions secrets without requiring code changes.

Easy to use

Any engineer can use SecretHub with a 10-minute tutorial, which pays off in time spent incident-responding and time spent training people.

Built for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure

It's a highly available managed service that plugs into all platforms and use cases with zero maintenance and operations overhead.

Modernize Your Architecture

Thousands of machine passwords and API keys leak every day. Learn how to prevent this by incrementally deploying secret management alongside existing services with no interruptions.

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