This section contains the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Come chat with us on Discord or email us at support@secrethub.io when you cannot find what you are looking for.

How to upgrade to a paid subscription

To upgrade your SecretHub organization to a premium plan, you have to login to the dashboard. If you signed up through the CLI, press the Signed up through the CLI button to request a password for the dashboard.

After choosing a password and signing in, you can switch organizations on the left of the navigation bar. Select the organization that you would like to upgrade and you will see the current plan attached to the organization.


To upgrade, press the Upgrade plan button and select the plan that you would like to purchase. Next, enter your credit card details and provide your billing information when requested.

Enter credit card

Confirm it, and you’re done!

Email Verification

When you create an account on SecretHub, we send an email to the address you’ve signed up with. We do this to confirm this address is owned by you.

What to do when the verification email does not arrive?

Make sure the email did not end up in your spam folder. If the email does not arrive within a few minutes, you can request a new email to be sent:

A new email can be sent with the account verify-email command:

secrethub account verify-email

A new email can be sent with the “Resend verification email” button that shows up in the billing dashboard when logged in:

Resend verification email button

If the email still does not arrive, please contact support@secrethub.io.