End-to-End Encrypted
Secrets Management

Experience the benefits of a managed solution, without trusting a third party with the keys to your kingdom. Safely store secrets knowing that SecretHub's servers can never read their contents.

End-to-End Encrypted Secrets Management

Secure By Design

SecretHub’s unique design uses end-to-end encryption to ensure the server never knows what users store. Only you and the accounts you grant access can ever read your secrets.

End-to-End Encryption By Design
  • Every secret is encrypted before it ever leaves your device.
  • Even the names of your secrets are encrypted.
  • The server never sees any plaintext secret content or key material used for encryption.
  • Only you and your team control encryption keys.
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High Availability as a Service

A big part of security is availability, so SecretHub is hosted in 6 physically separated datacenters on 2 continents with automatic fail-over to ensure you can always deploy secrets to your infrastructure.