Command: generate

While some secrets have to be manually generated (e.g. by clicking through a graphical user interface), others can be programmatically generated. That’s where the generate command comes in. At the moment, there is just one type of secret that can be generated, but more (e.g. database credentials) will be added soon.

Command: generate rand

When you want to generate a random password (or any random sequence of characters for that matter), you can use the generate rand command:

secrethub generate rand [options] <namespace>/<repo>[/<dir>]/<secret> [<length>]

The generate rand command generates a random string and writes it to the given path.


<namespace>/<repo>[/<dir>]/<secret> (string)
The path to write the generated secret to.
<length> (int)
The length of the generated secret. Defaults to 22.


-s, --symbols (boolean)
Include symbols in the generated secret. Because not all systems allow special characters, they are disabled by default. Generated passwords consist of lowercase letters (a-z), uppercase letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). By enabling symbols, the following special characters are added into the mix: !@#$%^*-_+=.,?