Initialize new in v0.33.0

The init command is usually the first command you run on a machine on which you want to use SecretHub:

secrethub init [options]

If you give no options to the command, it asks you what method you want to use to setup your account:

Sign up for a new account
Use this if you have not previously used SecretHub and want to create a new account.
Use a backup code to recover an existing account
Use this if you already have a SecretHub account. Backup codes can be created using the secrethub credential backup command. You can directly skip to this option by using the --backup-code flag (see below).


--backup-code (string)
The backup code that should be used to initialize a SecretHub account on this device. Backup codes consist of 8 groups of 8 hexadecimal characters (e.g. 12345678-90ABCDEF-12345678-90ABCDEF-12345678-90ABCDEF-12345678-90ABCDEF). If this flag is provided, you are not prompted for which initialization method to use.

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