Demo App

The SecretHub Demo App is a simple application used to help you get started with SecretHub. It is used in a number of guides to demonstrate the basic functionality of SecretHub. The app servers a web page and tries to connect to using credentials provided in the environment (DEMO_USERNAME and DEMO_PASSWORD). If they are set correctly, it shows a success page. If not, it shows an error page.

All Commands

The following commands are used to set up and run the Demo App:


secrethub demo init [<flags>]

The demo init command creates a repo with the two secrets used by the demo app: username and password.


--repo (string)
The path of the repository to create. Defaults to a repo named demo in your personal namespace.


To run the Demo App locally, execute:

secrethub demo serve [<flags>]


-h, --host (string)
The host to serve the Demo App on. Defaults to “”.
--port (string)
The port to serve the Demo App on. Defaults to 8080.