Manage Your Account

Manage your personal account.

All Commands

To manage your account, you can use the following commands:


Show the details of your SecretHub account:

secrethub account inspect


Connect a first device to your SecretHub account created in the dashboard.

secrethub account init [options]


-c, --clip (boolean)
Write the service account configuration to the clipboard instead of stdout. The clipboard is automatically cleared after 45 seconds.
--no-wait (boolean)
Do not hang waiting for the credential’s public component to be added to the account and instead exit after outputting the credential’s public component. To finish initializing the account, use the –continue flag after adding the credential to the account.
--continue (boolean)
Continue initializing the account. Use this when a credential has already been generated by a previous execution of the command.

Verify Email

Send an email to the registered email address to prove you own that email address.

secrethub account verify-email