Invite your team

It’s no fun working alone, so let’s invite some team members. SecretHub user accounts are personal accounts that are not tied to a single organization. This means that your team members need to have created an account before you can invite them to your organization.

For the purpose of this guide, let’s say your teammate Alice signed up with the username alice. Now that you have a friend on SecretHub, you can invite her to your organization workspace using the org invite command:

secrethub org invite your-company alice

Next, let’s invite Alice to collaborate on the start repository:

secrethub repo invite your-company/start alice

Finally, to instantly share all dev secrets with Alice, you can create an access rule:

secrethub acl set your-company/start/dev/ alice read

Note: access rules determine the permissions of users on a directory and its subdirectories, e.g. read, write, or admin rights. Read more on access rules here.

Alice can now read all secrets in the your-company/start/dev directory, including the hello secret:

secrethub read your-company/start/hello

Under the hood all the encryption has been taken care of.

Note: the prd directory is still hidden to her as she does not have rights on it.

To allow her to also write to the dev directory, change the access rule to write permissions:

secrethub acl set your-company/start/dev/ alice write

With the access rule in place, she can now both read the secret and write a new version of it.

Naturally, this is only a small subset of what you can do with shared workspaces but you get the gist. Kick the tires for a bit, invite more team members and check how this could work for you.