Signing up for an account on SecretHub

Now that the secrethub CLI is installed on our operating system, we can create our account on SecretHub. To go through the signup process, we run:

secrethub signup

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will set an environment variable with our chosen SecretHub username. This will make the commands that follow in the tutorial copy-pastable. If we prefer to type out the commands ourselves, we can skip this step and replace $SH_USERNAME with our username in the commands that follow.

To set a variable on Linux/macOS, we can run:

# on Linux/macOS
export SH_USERNAME=<insert_username_here>

To set a variable on Windows, we can run this line in PowerShell:

# on Windows
Set-Variable -Name "SH_USERNAME" -Value "<insert_username_here>"

To verify the variable has been set correctly, we run:


If all went well, we should now have our very own SecretHub account! Let’s create a repository.