Getting started with SecretHub

All software needs secrets to access other resources: encryption keys, API tokens, database passwords. SecretHub helps teams deploy those application secrets to any cloud with a secure, automatic and reproducible deployment process. Read more about what SecretHub is on the homepage

In this guide, we will get you up and running with SecretHub. All guide steps are listed below:

  1. Installing the Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  2. Signing up for a SecretHub account
  3. Creating a repository
  4. Writing a secret
  5. Using secret versions
  6. Defining secrets as code
  7. Writing secrets to files
  8. Injecting secrets into config files

Let’s start with installing the SecretHub CLI.

If anything feels unclear, have a look at the reference documentation where each command is explained in detail. We’re happy to help explain any questions you may have. So feel free to ask us anything on twitter (@GetSecretHub), by email ( or give us a call (+31 (0)15 202 4 202) .