Uptime SLA

SecretHub is a globally distributed service with servers in 6 data centers on 2 continents – all physically separated and with redundant power supplies and network connections. In case a server or a whole datacenter fails, SecretHub will automatically fail-over to another datacenter and we can still serve your secrets from the other location.

Because of these automatic safeguards and our team of on-call engineers who are ready 24x7 to respond to issues, SecretHub has achieved over 99.95% uptime in the last 12 months, every month. You can review the current uptime of SecretHub’s services by visiting status.secrethub.io

For Enterprise customers that require a guaranteed availability commitment, SecretHub provides an uptime SLA add-on with a 99.95% Uptime commitment. If we fall short of our 99.95% Uptime commitment and your workspace is affected, you’re eligible to receive a Service Credit.

If you require a higher availability commitment or a dedicated deployment of SecretHub, please contact SecretHub Sales for additional information.


Downtime is the overall number of minutes SecretHub was unavailable during a SecretHub fiscal quarter (i.e. January 1 through March 31 and every three-month period thereafter). Unavailability is defined as the interruption service that affects more than 50% of users trying to access the service during the period of downtime. SecretHub calculates unavailability using server monitoring software to measure the server-side error rate, ping test results, etc.

Downtime excludes the following:

  • Slowness or other performance issues with individual features (audit logs, listing secrets, etc.)
  • Issues that are related to external apps or third parties, including integrations.
  • Failures of your internet connectivity.
  • Any products or features identified as pilot, alpha, beta or similar.
  • Factors outside our reasonable control, including internet access related problems, force majeure events, and third-party services or technology.
  • Any outages resulting from customer’s acts, omissions or misuse of the service, including violation of the Terms of Service.
  • Any issues related to non-production instances of SecretHub (e.g. a staging environment)
  • Emergency Downtime for fixing critical security vulnerabilities. See below.
  • Scheduled Downtime for maintenance. See below.

Uptime Commitment

Uptime is the percentage of total possible minutes SecretHub was available during a fiscal quarter. Our commitment is to maintain at least 99.95% Uptime:

(total minutes in quarter - Downtime) / total minutes in quarter >= 99.95%

Scheduled Downtime

Sometimes we need to perform maintenance to keep SecretHub working smoothly. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we’ll give you at least 48 hours advance notice. In a year, scheduled downtime won’t exceed 24 hours.

Emergency Downtime

Sometimes it may happen that we need to take down SecretHub to fix a critical security vulnerability. Generally, we aim to remediate security issues without downtime or in scheduled downtime. However, if we become aware of a critical security issue that we deem to require immediate remediation and that requires us to temporarily make the SecretHub service unavailable, we will do so and will let you know within 30 minutes.

Uptime Service Credits

If we fall short of our 99.95% Uptime commitment, the customer is entitled to receive 20 times the amount that was paid as subscription fee for the Downtime that exceeds the quarterly Uptime guarantee (Uptime Service Credits):

(Downtime Percentage - 0.05%) * total minutes in quarter * 20

This amount will be applied against the Customer’s next bill. Uptime Service Credits are calculated at the end of each quarter and may only be granted upon request.

To find out about SecretHub’s Uptime percentage, you can request an Uptime report at the end of each fiscal quarter. The uptime history for the SecretHub public tenant can be found on status.secrethub.io. Please be aware that no rights can be derived from this data.

To receive the service credit, your account Owner or Billing Manager must submit a credit request by sending an email to uptimecredits@secrethub.io. The email must:

  • Be sent from an email address associated with your account Owner or Billing Manager.
  • Be received by SecretHub by the end of the 30th day after the quarter in which the downtime occurred.
  • Include “Credit Request” in the subject line.
  • Include the following information in the message:
    • Date of submission
    • Customer contact name and email address
    • Customer address
    • Name of SecretHub organization
    • Date(s) in which the downtime occurred

After being granted an Uptime Service Credit, it will be automatically applied to the Customer’s next bill.

Uptime Service Credits are not refunds, cannot be exchanged into a cash amount, are capped at a maximum of 30 days of paid service, require you to have paid any outstanding invoices and expire upon termination of your customer contract. Uptime Service Credits are the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by SecretHub to meet its obligations under this SLA.


As our business evolves, we may change the terms of SecretHub Uptime SLA. Existing customers will be notified of any adjustments 30 days in advance. You can review the most current version of the terms at any time by visiting this page.