1Password Acquisition FAQ

Can I still use SecretHub?

You will need to transition your workflows over to 1Password. There's tooling available to automate the majority of the process and we're here to help with personalized support every step of the way when needed. If you're still using SecretHub and haven't talked to us to plan your migration, please reach out as soon as possible.

Can I keep downloading the CLI, SDKs, and Docker images?

Yes. You can keep using all CLI installer repositories (brew, yum, alpine, etc.), and all code & binaries remain available on GitHub. Likewise, Docker images remain available on DockerHub.

Can I still sign up for SecretHub?

If you're an administrator for an existing SecretHub organization, you should have received a sign up link that will allow you to invite new members to your team. If you haven’t received the email or are having issues with the invitation link, please contact us at support@secrethub.io.

Sign-ups for new organizations have been closed. At 1Password, the SecretHub team will work with the Secrets Automation team to bring the best of both products together and serve more use cases than we could before. Going forward, we recommend you use 1Password Secrets Automation for all your secrets management needs. Visit the 1Password blog for more information about Secrets Automation.

Can I still reach you?

Of course! You can reach us just like always through the chat here on the website, through our Discord community, through GitHub issues, or via email at support@secrethub.io.

If you have any questions about 1Password for Business and Secrets Automation, please reach out to 1Password.

Will you keep developing SecretHub?

We’re working together with the talented team at 1Password to add more features to 1Password Secrets Automation. We don’t plan on adding more features to SecretHub, but we welcome your feedback as we work to bring effective secrets management to more kinds of teams. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord or via email with any questions or suggestions.

In case you find any bugs in SecretHub that affect your usage, please let us know at support@secrethub.io or by opening a GitHub issue and we’ll help you out.

What happens to my data?

One of the reasons we joined 1Password is that we have a shared philosophy on customer privacy and their data. And as you'll see there are many similarities between SecretHub's security design and 1Password's security design.

You can use the migration tooling to re-encrypt and transfer your encrypted data to 1Password.com for use on 1Password. You are in control if and when data is transferred and neither SecretHub nor 1Password is ever able to read your data. End-to-end encryption ensures we cannot ever access your data, as only you have access to the keys to decrypt it.

After the transition period we'll remove all remaining data from the SecretHub servers. Make sure you migrate or download your data before then. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we're happy to help and would love to discuss your needs.

Where can I learn more about 1Password Secrets Automation?

You can read more about 1Password Secrets Automation on the 1Password blog, or the Secrets Automation page.

How can I migrate from SecretHub to 1Password Secrets Automation?

We’ve prepared a guide with detailed instructions for various use cases. Check out the migration docs here.

In addition, we’re available to help you with planning and executing the migration. Please reach out to schedule a meeting.

What if my use case isn't listed in the migration docs yet?

We're working to integrate our service’s capabilities into 1Password and serve more use cases, so keep an eye out for updates on Secrets Automation. We'd love to hear your use case and help out. Let us know what you need.

I have more questions. Where should I go?

If you have any questions about 1Password for Business and Secrets Automation, please reach out at business@1password.com.

For small one-off questions about SecretHub and the migration, please reach out at support@secrethub.io. We’re also still on Discord and GitHub.

We’re also available to discuss your needs, address any questions you may have and help you with planning and executing the migration. Please reach out to schedule a meeting: Schedule a call (EU customers) Schedule a call (US customers)