SecretHub is joining 1Password!

SecretHub is joining 1Password

Today, I am thrilled to announce that SecretHub has joined the team at 1Password. Together, we’ll be working to help every business manage both their human and machine credentials in one unified platform.

We know that secrets aren’t just used in one part of your infrastructure; they’re everywhere from development, to testing, to production—and we need tools that are designed to work for all of those platforms and the people that use them. At 1Password, the entire SecretHub team and I will work to bring the best of both products together and serve more use cases than we could ever do alone.

How we got here

Over the past few months, what began as simple conversations between our two companies quickly evolved into more as we discovered that we have shared ambitions for making secrets management simple and accessible to businesses of all kinds.

In fact, our teams even came together for a joint hackathon. Over the course of a productive week, we explored various ways our technologies could be unified to create a stronger product than either of us could accomplish on our own.

By the end of that experience, we knew we had something special on our hands and it became clear that joining forces was the best way to realize those shared ambitions.

Why 1Password?

We’ve always believed that security shouldn’t introduce complexity—it should empower you to accomplish more than you could before. It should create peace of mind, not fear. From the very beginning, our goal has been to reduce friction and de-mystify good security practices in software development.

1Password has been at the forefront of democratizing security for over fifteen years, producing the world’s most-loved password manager that’s trusted by over 80,000 businesses. It’s this deep belief in security’s potential to be friendly, along with our shared empathy for the customer experience, that makes 1Password such a perfect home for our hard-working team.

But passwords are just one of many kinds of secrets, and we’re excited to help 1Password establish a new standard in convenient, accessible secrets management for both people and machines.

By bringing these two worlds together, we’re able to realize our long-term vision of having a single environment for managing sensitive information, no matter what its use case.

Our mission remains unchanged, but we now have access to talent and resources that will help us deliver on our promises more quickly and effectively than ever before. With a shared focus on simplicity, usability, and expert human support, we think it’s a perfect match.

At 1Password, we’re excited to bring a best-in-class user experience to secrets management for productive teams like yours.

What this means for you

At first, nothing.

While we work to integrate our service’s capabilities into 1Password, you can continue to use SecretHub as you currently do until January 1st, 2022. I want to assure you that we’re committed to providing plenty of time for everyone to transition their workflows over to 1Password, with personalized support available every step of the way.

We’ll be turning off sign-ups for new accounts, but existing accounts can continue to add new users during the transition, and you’ll continue to receive the same in-depth, expert support we’ve always provided.

Once your organization has transitioned to 1Password Business, you’ll immediately benefit from:

  • An intuitive user experience with a beautiful GUI that you’ve all been asking for
  • More scalable user management with SCIM provisioning
  • Direct access to secrets—straight from your code—with more language SDKs and a REST API (yes, you can finally use cURL!)
  • More resilient failover so you can still deploy your apps even if the secrets management API is down
  • Plus all the wonderful features 1Password is known for, including rich reporting capabilities and powerful administrative controls

What happens next

Between now and January 1st, 2022, we’ll be reaching out personally to each and every organization using SecretHub to help with planning and executing a seamless, successful migration of existing workflows to 1Password.

Along the way, we’ll continue to provide you with updates on our progress, and we welcome your feedback as we work to bring effective secrets management to more kinds of teams. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord or via email with any questions or suggestions.

Please visit our FAQ for more information, and be sure to read the announcement on the 1Password blog to find out more about Secrets Automation in 1Password.

A new beginning

We’re deeply grateful for the trust and support our customers have shown us since the beginning, and we’re determined to live up to that trust as we move forward. This change represents a new chapter in our journey, and it’s one that we’re eager to share with you.

I also want to acknowledge the hard work and unconditional commitment that everyone at SecretHub has put in over the years to get us to this point. We’re excited to build more than we ever could before as part of 1Password!