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The SecretHub Golang client is now open-source

Today, we’re excited to share our first open-source release of the SecretHub Golang client! It’s available at

You can use the client in your own project with just three lines of code:

credential, err := secrethub.NewCredential("<credential string>", "<passphrase>")
client := secrethub.NewClient(credential, nil)
client.Secrets().Write("path/to/secret", []byte("Booyah!"))

For more details, check out the file.

This release is v0.17.0, so expect some changes to be introduced. Pull requests are welcome!

Open sourcing the client is part of our commitment to transparency and contributing to the DevOps community as a whole. Earlier we published our security design document and this release makes all cryptography used to protect your secrets 100% public.

Next up is the Terraform integration that will help you keep hardcoded secrets out of .tfvars files and securely share the .tfstate without setup. Simply send an email to to join our beta testing user-group and get early access.

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to build, happy coding!