The SecretHub CLI is now open-source

We are excited to share that the CLI is now open source and available on GitHub! Check it out at

From here on out, you can get the latest CLI release directly from GitHub. See the for details.

Also, macOS users can now use brew to install and update the CLI:

brew install secrethub/tools/secrethub-cli

We will add more package managers soon.

Earlier we published the Golang Client and this release makes all client code fully open source and developed in the open. Have a look at the issue board to upvote your favorite feature requests or take a stab at it yourself and submit a Pull Request.

Next up is the Terraform integration that will help you keep secrets out of .tfvars files and securely share the .tfstate without setup. Subscribe to the mailing list below to be notified when it’s out.

Happy Coding!

The SecretHub Team