About SecretHub

SecretHub is a company that builds software to make development, operations, and security as easy as it should be. Businesses of every size - from startups to enterprises - use our software to automate their delivery of reliable infrastructures.


SecretHub was founded in 2014 in the library of the Delft University of Technology, which we've quickly outgrown since then. Our development team consists of bright university graduates and seasoned DevOps engineers. The company is headed by a management team of entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in the IT and government sector.

Photo of Marc Mackenbach

Marc Mackenbach

Founder & CEO/CTO

Photo of Carel Mackenbach

Carel Mackenbach

Founder & Advisor

Photo of Charlotte Goedmakers

Charlotte Goedmakers

HR & Coach

Photo of Joris Coenen

Joris Coenen

Security Engineer

Photo of Simon Barendse

Simon Barendse

Software Engineer

Photo of Joey van Rijn

Joey van Rijn

Frontend Engineer

Photo of Marc Zwalua

Marc Zwalua

Software Engineer

Photo of Floris van der Grinten

Floris van der Grinten

Software Engineer