Our company has been focused on key management since its founding in 2014. Some cool stuff we’ve done over the years includes:

  • Writing our own custom firmware for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for high end managed hosting providers.
  • Securing Internet of Things devices for the Dutch critical water infrastructure with end-to-end encryption and hardware protected keys.
  • Encrypting sensitive flight data of fighter jets in a multi-datacenter environment.

Presenting to His Majesty Prince Constantijn and the Dutch minister of Infrastructure, Delft 2017

However, as our company took on more and more custom security gigs we kept seeing the same problems. The secrets, keys and tokens that are needed to secure a hosted internet operation, tend to sprawl throughout a development team.

  • Secrets were copied, lost, or forgotten over time.
  • Sharing and deploying secrets securely proved difficult to do manually and hard to automate, causing people to take a whole bunch of nasty shortcuts.
  • Once secrets had been deployed, they were hardly ever rotated.
  • No easy way existed to track down when a secret was accessed and by whom.

Existing solutions required a precious combination of crypto expertise and skilled engineering to integrate with your infrastructure. In short, no single tool existed that any developer could use with very little engineering effort.

So we set out to build SecretHub

We want hassle-free security and we want to give it to the world.


SecretHub was founded in 2014 in Delft, the Netherlands. We’re based next to the Delft University of Technology and most of our developers graduated there, majoring on topics like crypto currencies and software engineering. Our development team is headed by a management team of entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in the IT and government sector.