About SecretHub

SecretHub was founded on the belief that security shouldn’t slow you down. Great security should enable you to do more, not less. Since 2018, SecretHub is helping engineering teams to deliver safer software to production faster, with secrets management integrations for the DevOps toolchain – AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Terraform, GitHub Actions, and more.


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Meet The Team

Marc Mackenbach

Founder & CEO

Charlotte Goedmakers

HR & Coach

Joris Coenen

Head of Engineering

Pudji Siregar-Perk

Growth & Marketing Specialist

Simon Barendse

Software Engineer

Márton Soos

Software Engineer

Floris van der Grinten

Software Engineer

Horia Culea

Software Engineer

Eduard Filip

Software Engineer

Michiel Wapperom

Process Engineer

Ben Darby

Product Designer

Made In Holland 🇳🇱

We're based in the beautiful city of Delft, the Netherlands. Our office is located on the campus of the Delft University of Technology, with part of our team working remotely from all around the world.